Wednesday 8 February 2012

Keeping up contacts

The official investigation into the killing of Pakistani journalist Saleem Shahzad, predictably, was unable to pinpoint blame for the barbaric murder last May. But the report itself, not available online, contains some interesting material. Once section notes the mobile calls made by Saleem and lists the telephone numbers of some of his jihadist contacts. Amongst the numbers listed are those for the following militants, some of whom are now dead. Please feel free to contact any of those with whom you may wish to exchange the odd pleasantry or two:
Usman Punjabi of the Punjabi Taliban (dead): 928 311 876
Punjabi Taliban Markaz: 928 312 150/928 313 593
Abu Hafsa (al-Qaeda): 928 313 098
Al-Gamyat al-Islamiyah (Egyptians/al-Qaeda: 0300 828 5888
Shakib al-Turkestani and Jamal Ismail: 0300 854 2147
Afaf Fuad Mustafa Sala and Mustafa Salah: 0321 855 5511
Qari Ismail, associate of Ilyas Kashmiri in South Waziristan: 0323 933 2210

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