Monday 6 February 2012

Hell and Back Again in running for an Oscar

Released in October last year, Danfung Dennis' documentary film about the war in Afghanistan, Hell and Back Again, has already garnered a fistful of awards, including Winner of the World Cinema Jury Prize Documentary at Sundance and the World Cinema Cinematography Award, also at Sundance, the Best Documentary Film at the Moscow International Film Festival and winner of the Harrell Award for Best Documentary at the Camden International Film Festival. It is also a nominee for Best Documentary at the 2012 Academy Awards.
Danfung Dennis shooting the film in Afghanistan
Michael Kamber in the New York Times said: "A tour de force...HELL AND BACK AGAIN stacks one astonishing shot atop the next: perfectly composed tracking sequences in the heat of battle; saturated moody low-light compositions in rainy North Carolina parking lots; gorgeous rich soundscapes".
More details on where to see it on the official website.

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