Thursday 23 February 2012

Internal displacement rising in Afghanistan

Internal displacement of civilians is on the rise in Afghanistan, with more than 100,000 forced to leave their homes between January and June last year due to the spreading conflict in the country. 
So says Amnesty International in a new report, Feeling War, Finding Misery: the plight of the internally displaced in Afghanistan which says the total number of people living in camps within the country has reached half a million. The number of displaced persons has increased every years since at least 2008, with as many as 35,000 living in the slum areas of Kabul. Conditions are very poor, with nearly two dozen children under the age of five freezing to death in January 2012. 
Amnesty sets out a range of policies to deal with this growing problem, including a prohibition on forced evictions, access to primary schools for all children, provision of shelter, food, water and health care.

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