Monday 6 February 2012

Army officer: US public being misled on Afghan war

Here is the article published in the Armed Forces Journal, an official publication of the US Army, by Lt Col Daniel L Davis, a fervent Christian, who says that the American public is being told lies about what is happening in Afghanistan.
“How many more men must die in support of a mission that is not succeeding?“ Colonel Davis asks in his article entitled Truth, Lies and Afghanistan: How Military Leaders Have Let Us Down. “No one expects our leaders to always have a successful plan,” he says in the article. “But we do expect — and the men who do the living, fighting and dying deserve — to have our leaders tell us the truth about what’s going on.”
Without the approval of his superiors, Davis decided in January to take his complaints to Washington. He wrote two reports - one unclassified and the other classified - then briefed four members of Congress and their staff members, spoke to The New York Times, sent his reports to the Defense Department’s inspector general — before informing his chain of command that about he had done. Remarkably, the US Army has not decided to discipline Davis (so far), telling him that he would not face any 'adverse reaction'. One to be watched.

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