Tuesday 28 August 2012

Another jailbreak threatened in Pakistan

Reports are circulating in Pakistan that the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is planning a jail break-out at Faisalabad Central Jail to free its members being held there. Such warnings are not to be taken lightly, considering the successful storming of Bannu prison earlier this year in which hundreds of prisoners were set free by the TTP. An advance warning of that attack was also received, but ignored by the prison authorities.
The Punjab prison authorities have asked the ministry of interior to deploy Rangers at all nine central jails where the most dangerous prisoners are held and is beginning to train some prison staff in how to fight off an attack. One report says that jail authorities have conducted thorough search operations in the jails and have so far uncovered 2,000 illicit mobile phones from prisoners and suspended 65 jailers for negligence. Phone jammers are also due to be installed in three of the prisons.
Let's hope that any of the guards deployed at Faisalabad have at least been issued with ammunition. Some of the guards at Bannu later said they were last issued with bullets at the time of country's independence in 1947.

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