Wednesday 18 July 2012

Semple's Mawlawi "mentally insane"

Not surprisingly, the Taliban has rejected the anti-Osama bin Laden comments made by a senior Taliban figure in an interview with Michael Semple (see below) last week: "Before everything else, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan categorically refutes this interview and deems it as nothing more than a shameful propaganda ploy of the deceitful flailing enemy. We have repeatedly demonstrated to our enemies for the past decade that the Mujahideen can do what could have never been imagined", says an article on their website under the name of their official spokesman. 
They don't hold back: "Sometimes they introduce a vegetable seller as a high ranking official of Islamic Emirate and try to solve the Afghan issue with him and sometimes an anonymous ‘Mawlawi’ as its important member and then publish such nonsense....the international media, in order to maintain in journalistic reputation, should avoid publishing such silliness of the mentally insane." 
Let's not go into the issue of reputations....

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