Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Arabs no longer welcome?

Interesting official statement issued by the Taliban yesterday, not least because of the imminent resumption of negotiations in Qatar between them and the American authorities. Although poorly translated,'Arab Movements and their effects on the World, Region and Afghanistan' notes the events of the Arab Spring and the fall of dictators across the Middle East. It says that the repercussions of these momentous events will also be felt in Afghanistan because one of the main reasons Arabs travelled to the country was because they were not safe in their own lands. With the changed conditions, "Now they will return back to their respective countries", says the statement.
A slightly cryptic final sentence suggests that the Taliban no longer feels it has a duty to shelter Arabs because they are not in danger at home: "Now the spiteful propaganda of the enemy has nothing to do the realities to say there are Arab Mujahedeen fighting inside Afghanistan and these Mujahedeen will continue to utilize Afghanistan and the region as their stronghold; because they do not need to come any more to Afghanistan (sic)." I take this to mean that the Taliban does not think Arab fighters wills stay in Afghanistan and that it supports their leaving. Anyone got a better translation?

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