Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Davis' movements tracked

The nexus between the police and the Pakistan press never ceases to amaze. Already the contents of Raymond Davis's car have been leaked, the pictures on his camera, even the film accidentally taken by his camera during the first few minutes of his interrogation. There have been stories about him in prison complaining about the call to prayers, that he is on hunger strike and much more.
Now, details of his every move since he arrived in Pakistan on 20 January have been published by the Express Tribune. His itinerary has been built up using the tracking device he had in the car, plus eye-witness reports. It appears that he arrived in Islamabad on 20 January on Qatar Airways flight QR-398 from Doha, transferring the same day to a PIA flight for the short hop to Lahore.
From the Lahore airport he went to 182/A Upper Mall, reportedly used as a US Consulate residence for the last three years. Five other Americans arrived at the residence later the same day.
The next day he reported to the Consulate where he was given the keys to a black Land Cruiser, but he returned on 24 January to exchange it for the white Honda Civic he was driving when the shooting incident occurred. At one point Davis also stayed at 59/A Cavalry Ground, another US Consulate property, where he met with some local people.
Just before the shooting incident, he had exchanged US$300 for Pakistani rupees at the World Exchange Co office on Main Boulevard, Gulberg.
Shortly after the shootings, two American officials arrived at the 182/A Upper Mall address and took away Davis' belongings. It was his ninth visit to the country since October 2009, although previously he had been based in Peshawar.
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