Sunday 20 February 2011

An account of Colonel Imam's murder

The body of former ISI officer Colonel Imam has been found on the corner of a street in Karam Kot near Mir Ali in North Waziristan, thus proving that reports suggesting he had been killed a month ago were false and that his killing happened very recently.
Although no translation of the speech given by TTP leader Hakimullah Mahsud before Col Imam's murder has yet been published, one account has appeared in The News today. According to this account, Hakimullah blamed Col Imam and a tribal parliamentarian from Orakzai tribal region called Munir Orakzai for capturing and selling Arab fighters to the United States after they escaped from Afghanistan to seek refuge in the Pakistani tribal areas, presumably in 2001.
He said Pakistani security agencies captured 600 Arab fighters and sold them to the United States. He alleged every Arab fighter was sold for $400 to the Americans and termed it an un-Islamic act.
Bizarrely, the TTP leader also accused the retired military officer of allowing Pakistan to hand over its air base in Jacobabad in Sindh province to the United States for use during the invasion of Afghanistan to topple the Taliban regime.
This is clearly untrue as Col Imam is on record as being critical of Gen Pervez Musharraf for supporting the American war on terror and allowing the use of Pakistani air bases by the US Air Force.
In the video Hakimullah also claimed that US aircraft had conducted 56,700 - where did he get that figure? - air attacks from the Jacobabad air base in Sindh into Afghanistan for which he also put all the blame on the hapless Col Imam.
Later in the video, Col Imam is made to stand up as Hakimullah directs one of his men to open fire at the elderly man. A young militant, whose face is covered, first fires shots at Col Imam’s forehead that make him fall to the ground. He then shoots him in his back and legs, and finally the colonel is shown lying in a pool of blood. In the background, armed TTP fighters can be seen standing around Hakimullah before shouting out the takbir. What a filthy business!


Anonymous said...

Thats what I call milking and warming the snakes until it bites you up....

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The great hero of afghan war