Thursday 20 January 2011

Mullah Omar has not had a heart attack - Taliban

"The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan categorically refutes this baseless and fatuous claim and believes that circulation of this rumour,  is part and parcel of the propaganda war launched by the enemy."
Thus does Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid deal with the story that Taliban leader Mullah Omar was admitted to a Pakistani hospital in Karachi following a heart attack a few days ago.
He adds: "The esteemed Amir-ul-momineen (may Allah protect him) has never suffered from such disease, that would have required to rush him to a hospital. The enemy is circulating these rumours to cover up its  own defeat at the military field and to distract the attention of the common man."
The real question is whether or not the Taliban itself knows the location of its own leader. As I reported last October, he had not been seen for several months and was believed to be a 'guest' of the ISI.

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