Sunday 23 January 2011

Apathy rises in Pakistan as the killings continue

Trail of Tragedy: A chronicle of violence in Pakistan 2010, by Pakistan's Strengthening Participatory Organisation, is a chronology compiled from the online archives of the two Pakistani newspapers, Dawn and The News. Produced in the form of a day-by-day record, it includes - but is not limited to - suicide attacks, bombings, ambushes, target killings, casualties resulting from military operations and drone attacks.
Depressingly, the authors say that as terrorism has increased in Pakistan during the last decade, so public apathy and indifference towards it has also risen. They note the attacks on schools and, more recently, Sufi shrines, which are symbols of "tolerance, peace and coexistence".
"This report is being presented with the hope that terrorism should be seen in a holistic way by government as well as by the public. This is the most important problem in Pakistan today, because the development and progress is not achievable unless peace and stability are restored. We also understand that the promotion of peace is one of the foremost responsibilities of civil society, and it should be placed at the top of our day to day work schedule, or at least alongside everything that we are doing and that we stand for."
While not as comprehensive as the PIPS study published recently (see below), it still brings home the devastating impact terrorism is having on Pakistan. According to the report, 4678 people were killed in Pakistan last year - about half the number recorded by PIPS

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