Monday, 27 September 2010

Pak Army executes six alleged Taliban in Swat

This video, posted yesterday on YouTube, purports to show members of the Pakistan Army in Swat executing six alleged members of the Pakistan Taliban in cold blood. Please don't watch it unless you think it necessary. I have posted it because it appears to confirm that the Pakistan Army has been carrying out a policy of extra-judicial killings. There have been rumours of this for some time, but no proof.
There is no indication when the video was shot, nor whereabouts in Swat the killings took place. There is no actual sound on the video; its soundtrack is a religious song, presumably mourning the dead men. The video, which lasts for 5mins and 42 seconds, shows the six men, who are all blindfolded, being led to a location next to a wall. One of the soldiers goes up to each of them in turn and says something. He then returns to the group of soldiers, who raise their rifles, take aim and fire. A soldier goes over to the bodies and finishes them off with rifle shots.
Presumably the video was filmed by one of the soldiers. It is now imperative that this person is located and the full story of these killings is uncovered. YouTube must ensure the video is protected as evidence of a potential crime against humanity.
Update: The video was taken down by the user on 4 October.

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