Wednesday 1 September 2010

Interview with Taliban IED commander

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Afghan Taliban) website has published an interview with Qari Khairullah Muneeb, commander for IED Units in the Dand Area, south of Kandahar.
He says the mujahideen in his district, which includes Biad, Mia Dost and Ashraaf, are divided into 37 brigades of fighters.
Since operations began in April 2010 there have been 91 major IED attacks in Dand, most of them aimed at armoured vehicles. "So far these tactics have proved very successful and have caused widespread dismay in enemy ranks", says Muneeb. "We have published a brief report of these operations in a calendar format. This calendar, which is easily accessible, provides detailed records of the type attack, the date of attack, and the names of the Mujahideen brigades responsible for the attack." Very considerate of him and I am sure he will be thanked by US intelligence operatives for making their job so easy.
Muneeb adds that efforts to restrict the import of chemicals used to make the IEDs has had little effect on their operations and that the explosions are big enough to destroy most armoured vehicles. He denied that any civilians were killed by these IEDs - which is hard to believe considering the number of reports to the contrary.
No doubt the US Army's Joint IED Defeat Organisation will be reading this interview with interest. That organisation's budget has been increased from $2.28 billion in 2010 to 3.46 billion in 2011. Most IEDs cost less than $100 to assemble.

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