Wednesday 23 June 2010

How Afghanistan's cricketers took on the world

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This is one you have to watch. Not released yet (this is only a trailer), but already Out of the Ashes is causing ripples. You don't need to know anything about cricket to understand this film as you follow the story of the Afghan national cricket team from refugee camps in Pakistan - where many of the players learned the game as boys - to practice sessions in Kabul and on to qualifying tournaments overseas.
Finally they reach the World Cup qualifier in South Africa where they face their greatest test...
Backed by BBC Storyville and executive-produced by Oscar-winning director and cricket fan, Sam Mendes, the film follows the Afghan cricket squad over two years as they go from playing in their shalwar-kameezes on rubble pitches to batting their way around the globe and up the international league tables.
If you are around in London you can catch a preview on 2 July at the Frontline Club. More information here.

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