Wednesday 16 June 2010

And the Taliban response.....

The Taliban in Afghanistan gave short shrift to the LSE report suggesting that Pakistan's ISI had been supporting the organisation and that seven of its 15 shura members were ISI agents.
"The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes the said report by the so-called research institute is a dictated drama of the political rulers of the West. It is not an investigative report based on facts and reasons, ethically carried out by academic research institute."
Its statement continues: "The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan openly invites all academic and research institutes, military and intelligence entities of the world including the London School of Economics to come to Afghanistan and behold the ranks of the Islamic Emirate with their own eyes that whether the Afghan gallant people or any foreigner make up the Mujahideen and leaders of the Jihad. Then again, they should check the ranks of the Karzai stooge administration to see whether their leaders are the gallant Afghans or the open enemies of our country and the invaders.
"After that, they should put their academic and investigative report conducted on the basis of the ground realities, at the disposal of the public of the world. Had they done so, these academic institutes would have abided by their recognized norms and principles; would have saved their calibre and reputations, and produced a useful academic report. At least, it would not have been a fabricated drama, ironically ordered by the arrogant powers."

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