Monday 26 October 2009

More warnings from Punjab police department

Terrorists are planning to attack two places of worship of a "Muslim sect" (Shias?) in the Faisal Town and Model Town areas of Lahore, according to reports from the Punjab Home Department in Pakistan. The department has issued a circular to senior police officials, including the inspector general of the Punjab Police and commissioners, stating that three terrorists from the Tribal Areas have been assigned to hit the targets during morning, evening or early night prayers.
Bearing in mind that the Punjab Home Department accurately predicted both the attack on the GHQ in Rawalpindi and the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team earlier this year, perhaps these reports should be taken seriously?
Another report from the same source states that a group of terrorists has dispatched two young men to target reporters, anchorpersons and analysts who voice opposition to the terrorists’ point of view. It added that terrorists are planning to abduct senior government officials and political figures to use them to pressure the government to release their imprisoned colleagues.

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