Monday 12 October 2009

IEDs not a new invention on the frontier

One other small point I noted in General Skeen's remarkable book (see below). It relates to IEDs. Perhaps you thought that they were a new invention, introduced to this part of the world from Iraq? Not true. Here's what the General had to say in 1932:
"Our 'dud' shells and aeroplane bombs have provided the tribesman with a supply of high explosive, which he has latterly been turning to good account in the making of tin-can bombs, which are generally buried and lightly covered with sand on a kachcha (rough) road or track. When found, they must be treated with the greatest respect. The best way is to explode them with rifle fire from a safe distance. If this cannot be done, they should be destroyed, preferably by the Sappers, on the lines laid down for 'dud' grenades."

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