Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The reality of living on $1 a day

Jennifer McCarthy, a researcher from Kings College in London who is living in Maimana, Faryab province in northern Afghanistan while conducting her PhD research, has decided to try and live on $1 a day for the next month. According to the UN OCHA more than half the population of Afghanistan presently live on this amount of money.
"I work in rural villages in Faryab and see that most families struggle for access to adequate food and water. I want to begin to understand what it is like to live just below the international poverty line, so I will do so for 30 days beginning tomorrow, February 19th. USD $1 is the equivalent of 52Afs in the local currency. I will provide myself with daily food and water with these 52Afs and will share with you the experience and reflections through my blog:"
Please read the blog and contact Jennifer to let her know what you think about her project. We wish her the best of luck - she will need it.

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