Sunday, 15 February 2009

Exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society

Mit-i-Kasimabad Minaret, 1921

The city of Candahar by James Atkinson, 1842

Horse dealers in Kabul by Benjamin Simpson 1881.

If you are in London in the next couple of weeks, you may want to get down to the headquarters of the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington, which is running a wonderful exhibition entitled 'From Kabul to Kandahar: 1833-1933.
Drawing on the Society's unrivalled collection of images, the exhibition features drawings, lithographs and photos, accompanied by extracts from historic travel journals and maps.
The exhibition includes scenes of Kabul's market place in 1842, panoramic views of Kandahar taken after the second Anglo-Afghan War of 1878-1880 and many other stunning images. It is curated in partnership with the Afghan Association of London (Harrow), Brondesbury College for Boys (Brent) and members of the London-based Afghan community. It is also available for regional tours. The exhibition closes on 26 February, so get along while you can. (The images above are all from the exhibition © Royal Geographical Society).

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