Thursday 19 July 2012

Najam Sethi under threat

More on Najam Sethi, one of the greatest of Pakistan's journalists, in an article by Jon Boone in today's edition of The Guardian. Boone reveals that Sethi is in fear of his life and seldom leaves his Lahore home, which is protected by armed guards and from where he now broadcasts his Geo TV chat show. He has been threatened many times and, says Boone, "high-level government officials warned Sethi his name had been circulated on a hit list. A kidnapping plot, he was told, had been hatched involving two militant groups with links to the ISI."
I wrote about Sethi a few days ago in an article about a group of young Punjabis who, in the 1970s, fought alongside the Baluchis in a guerrilla war against the Pakistan military. Anyone who wants to find out what it takes to defend democratic values in Pakistan should read his biography on his website.

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