Thursday 18 July 2013

More great quotes from the Abbottabad Commission report - 2

Here are some more quotes from the Abbottabad Commission report, to date the most comprehensive account of bin Laden' stay in that city. The report is a goldmine of information which indicates that there is still much that is unknown about bin Laden's movements and connections in Pakistan.

"They (the wives and children of bin Laden-ed) were able to take only a few possessions with them. Of their valuables they could find nothing except for two or three gold 'biscuits' of ten tolas each. The Americans had taken away a jewel box with twenty gold biscuits and two gold lockets with emeralds. They also took a purse that contained the will of Osama bin Laden. Khairiyyah (bin Laden's eldest wife-ed) had previously read the will but did not wish to divulge the details. She said it was not political and pertained only to personal and family related matters. Other reports suggested that the will said his children should not seek the leadership of al-Qaeda."

"Ibrahim, (one of bin Laden's two guards in Abbottabad) had been with him ever since he was introduced to him by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Ibrahim and KSM had practically grown up together in Kuwait and were as close as brothers."

"During their six-year stay in Abbottabad, Maryam (Ibrahim's wife) never once saw OBL!"

"With regard to the capture of the Bali bomber Umar Patek in Abbottabad reportedly in January 2011, it was very likely that his al-Qaeda support network had contact with the al-Qaeda network of support for OBL. The local ISI did not probe this possibility although it had been tracking al-Qaeda in the area for at least two years. During this time it did not solicit the cooperation of the civil administration including the police. The interrogation of the Umar Patek network members should have turned up actionable information. What had brought Umar Patek to Abbottabad? Had he come to meet OBL as his Indonesian interrogators later claimed? ....It seems the ISI never developed any real intelligence on what Umar Patek had come to Abbottabad for beyond the romantic story of going to Afghanistan to seek martyrdom. Moreover, Abbottabad does not lie on the usual routes to Afghanistan....It would seem very likely that Patek, despite his denial, had come to seek instructions or inspiration from OBL."

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