Monday 28 January 2013

TTP's affection for Mr Bean

Mr Malik

Mr Bean
Interesting to see that the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has a soft spot for Mr Bean. A couple of days ago the organisation's spokesman Ihsanullah Ihsan issued a statement "To Mr Bean of Pakistan, His Excellency Rehman Malik" (you can find a copy here).
The statement suggests that Interior Minister Malik should not concern himself too much about death threats from the TTP as they have no intention of killing him: "We want to (be) clear that TTP has no plan to kill Mr Bean, because his ridiculous statements and stances always give favour to TTP. TTP will let him alive (because) he is fruitful for us."
After making it clear that the TTP wants to see the imposition of its form of Islam on the whole of Pakistan, Ihsan goes on to complain about Pakistani Army activities in North Waziristan saying "There is curfew in Miranshah city, and heavy shelling from gunship helicopters and cannons on civilian population in Machis area, The houses are downed to earth. Maybe some Malalas underneath.The killing of women and children is feared. The city resembles Dhaka of 1971. Would you like to report it and dare to ask Army what is good reason of these showers of blessing?"
The statement goes on to give the relevant phone numbers, just in case you want to take up their offer:
"Political Agent North Waziristan Agency at 0928-300798
or Military Camps in North Waziristan at Army 0928-311973
or FC Tochi Scouts 0928-310178 or NLI 0928-320249
or GSO-2 Ops army 0927-312877
or DAAG 7 Div army 091-8700-3123".
How very thoughtful of them!

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