Saturday 6 October 2012

Anti-drone protest joined by thousands

Supporters of the anti-drone protest give a welcome to Imran Khan in Mianwali
Imran Khan's anti-drone cavalcade is now well under way and has just reached Mianwali, his home town. His supporters say that the hundreds of vehicles that started off from Islamabad have now turned into a column that is 11km long. Still unclear whether or not the protesters, who include a number of Westerners, will be allowed to cross into the tribal territories.
Imran Khan's car on the cavalcade
The Pakistan Taliban has issued a statement saying it will not offer protection to the protesters and condemning Khan and all politicians in Pakistan.
If you want to follow the cavalcade on twitter, the hashtag is #PTIPeaceMarch. Khan is now in the process of pulling off a major political coup.
Update: Imran Khan tweeted as he reached DI Khan. Tail of the convoy more than half an hour behind him.

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