Friday 15 June 2012

Dressed to Kill

The jacket KSM wants to wear in court
The five men now in front of a military tribunal in Guantanamo Bay accused of planning the 9/11 attacks are unhappy with their clothing options during the court hearings. They have submitted a  motion - reference AE038A - asking to wear the clothing of their choice during commission proceedings. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed says he wishes to wear a camouflage field jacket and matching turban.  Walid Bin Attash also wants a camo jacket, along with a head scarf and shalwar kameez.  Mustafa al-Hawsawi says he wants to wear an orange jumpsuit whilst Ramzi Binalshibh, had asked to wear a “tan colored kameez, a tan vest, a traditional Afghan hat and a scarf to be used to fashion a turban.” Ali Abdul Aziz Ali wants to wear a cap and black vest.
Defense attorneys say that when Guantanamo officials disallowed these  choices before the May arraignment, they were exceeding their authority. The defendants say that it has not yet been proved beyond all reasonable doubt that they are not lawful combatants under the laws of war and until that point they should be allowed to dress as they choose. They have formally presented their complaints to the military commission and the matter will be decided in August. 

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