Monday, 26 July 2010

Kidnapped ISI officer threatens to reveal secrets

Col Imam threatens to reveal secrets unless his captors demands are met

This blog covered in detail the kidnap and killing of Khalid Khwaja, a former Pakistani airforce pilot who was murdered in Waziristan in May, having been captured by a previously unknown group that called itself the Asian Tigers, but was widely thought to have been a Punjabi group sympathising with the Pakistan Taliban. (See this article for example).
Khwaja was kidnapped along with a former ISI officer and British journalist Asad Qureshi and held for several weeks before he was executed after being accused of passing information to the ISI.
It was thought at the time that the two other captives would quickly be released. Now, however, a video has emerged showing an interview with the ISI officer who is still being held.
He is generally known as Colonel Imam and has been an important ISI contact man with the Taliban leadership for many years and counts many of the top men amongst his wide net of contacts. His real name is Brigadier Sultan Amir Tarar.
In the tape obtained by Flashpoint Global Partners and available on their website, Col. Imam says he has been kidnapped by Lashkar Jhangvi al-Alami, Abdullah Mansour - one of the Punjabi Taliban factions. He says he has sent tapes and messages to the goverment but they have been ignored. He says his captors cannot be pressurised and that their demands should be accepted.
Then the Colonel makes a shocking threat. "“You people know about the services I rendered for my country. If the Pakistan government does not care about me, then I don’t have any reason to care about the nation either, and [I] will reveal all the weaknesses of our nation.”
“Whatever game is being played with Afghanistan, India, Russia, and America, I know about all of it. It is now for the Pakistani government to decide. Four months have now passed but you don't care about me. I am fed up of spending my whole life all the time in a basement."
So the brave ISI officer is threatening to release secret information if his former employers don't save his life. Not only is he an idiot, but he is also a coward. The fate of Khwaja has already been decided and we can only hope that Col Imam's captors show some mercy. And let us not forget about Asad Qureshi, who was unfortunate enough to team up with the other two men.


Anonymous said...

Former ISI official Colonel Imam and a British journalist of Pakistani origin Asad Qureshi were released on Thursday 06 May, 2010 in North Waziristan by a militant group calling itself the Asian Tigers.

Nick Fielding said...

...According to some reports. The emergence of this video and the failure of either man to show themselves suggests that these reports were wrong.

ebk187 said...

Imam couldn't "reveal" this sensitive information before he was captured? Dude was living too comfortable off US aid and intelligence to care about a confict, and now that he's glancing at rusted Kalashnikovs through the bottom of his blindfold, things are different.. Cherish the time your head is still attached to your neck, hadji. Enjoy your virgins.