Wednesday 6 January 2010

Another Jordanian Royal connection

Readers of this blog may recall a piece I wrote in October about a group of Jordanian women in Pakistan who were seeking repatriation, claiming that their menfolk had been killed fighting Coalition forces in Afghanistan during the summer. The women claimed they were members of the Jordanian Royal family and that the deceased husband of one was a Royal prince.
It was thus interesting to note the Royal connections of Sharif Ali bin Zeid, the Jordanian intelligence officer who was handling Dr Hummam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, the suicide bomber who penetrated FOB Chapman in Khost, killing seven CIA officers and injuring six others. bin Zeid who was also killed in the explosion, was certainly a member of the Jordanian Royal family and his funeral in Jordan was attended by King Abdullah and other Royal relatives.
Is there a possible connection? Were the afore-mentioned Jordanian fighters killed as a result of information supplied by al-Balawi? Probably not, although you never know. At the time the Jordanian Embassy in Pakistan denied the women were members of the Royal family, but it did agree to repatriate them.

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