Wednesday 1 July 2009

Who's tweeting on Afghanistan?

Who's tweeting on or from Afghanistan? I had a quick look this morning and came up with the following list. Some I already follow, others look interesting: artafghanistan has 94 followers; afghanbuddies (73); AfghanistanNews ((16,757); US forces in Afghanistan usfora (4386); Afghanistandocu (1284); Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan RAWA77 (152); British Army MediaOps (1811); AfghanNews (3982); USEmbassyKabul (449). Any more suggestions?


Daniel Bennett said...

You're missing Frontline blogger @strickvl. A must for your list, I'd suggest.

Nick Fielding said...

Now added. Many thanks.

AfghanBuddies said...

i was looking for links to and found your site listed in it felt good, thank you.
by the way, is a Social Network site for Afghans around the globe.